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Get the most out of your Beauty Wand

*Always begin your Facify treatment with pulling all hair up and away from the face to prevent any potential injury or tangles.


  • Two Rotating Silicone Cleansing Attachment: The short, soft silicone-bristles are naturally antibacterial and will not damage the skin. Paired with your favorite cleanser on damp skin, start with the large attachment for the full face. Switch to the small attachment to thoroughly cleanse the hard to reach areas (sides of nose, eye area, ears, etc.).

  • Vibrating Silicone-Bristle Cleanse: Use the silicone-bristle cleansing option located on the body of the beauty wand combined with the high frequency sound wave vibration therapy for an enhanced body cleanse. This area of the device allows you to easily reach every inch of your back for the most thorough cleanse. Also, the vibration therapy shakes out debris from pores while also providing a relaxing body massage. 


  • 5 Cooling Iron Head Pulse Magnetic Therapy Attachment: Pair with your favorite face serum or oil for the best glide. We suggest using upwards and outwards movements to properly perform a lymphatic face massage. The massage attachment lifts and sculpts the face, helps relieve muscle tension, and promotes product penetration.


  • Warming Thermal Eye Compress Massage: Finish off the treatment with the thermal warming end combined with the vibration therapy on the setting of your choice to massage and stimulate around the eye area while further promoting product penetration.



Back to the Basics



  • Press and hold the bottom power "⏻" button for 3 seconds to turn the rotation setting on (green light indicates rotation is on).

  • Click the same button once to change the speed. There are 3 speed settings to choose from.

  • Press and hold the same bottom power "⏻" button for 3 seconds to turn the device off (green light off indicates rotation is off).


  • Press and hold the top power "⏻" button for 3 seconds to turn the thermal setting on (red light indicates the thermal setting is on).

  • Single click the same button to turn on the Vibration setting. (Both the red and blue lights will be on at this time)

  • Continue to single click this button to choose the vibration strength of your choice. There are 3 vibration strength options total. 

  • To turn off the thermal/vibration, press and hold the top power "⏻" button for 3 seconds (both lights off indicate that both settings are off).



Prolong the life of your Facify

  • Before cleaning, please ensure the device is turned off and the charging port is securely closed to prevent damaging your device. 

  • DO NOT SOAK the main body of the device to clean it. It should NEVER be fully submerged.

  • Disinfectant wipes or a gentle soap with water and a washcloth are the two recommended ways to clean the body of the device. 

  • The accessories should also NEVER be submerged in water or cleaning solution. The two cleansing attachments may be cleaned using liquid disinfectant, but the massage attachment should NOT be soaked in solution. 

  • Please use a disinfectant wipe or gentle soap and water with a washcloth to clean the massage attachment. 

  • After cleaning, the device and accessories. may be air-dried or dried with a clean towel. 

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