Meet Facify - the first ever multifunctional beauty wand that cleanses, tones, circulates, smooths, firms, and performs a lymphatic face massage. The Facify Beauty Wand will be the only beauty tool you’ll need - forever. 

Facify Beauty Wand "Estimated ship date November 1- Nov 11"

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Each Facify comes with one device per box. The Facify Beauty Wand includes:

  • Two rotating silicone cleansing attachments to help soften debris in pores and deeply cleanse the skin to remove impurities caused by dirt and oil buildup. The silicone bristles not only are naturally antibacterial, but are soft enough to be used on the most delicate areas and will not create micro-tears or damage the skin. The larger cleansing attachment is meant to be used on the face, neck and chest, while the smaller attachment is best used in the harder to reach ares (i.e. sides of nose, around eye ares, ears, etc.).
  • A third silicone-bristle cleansing option on the body of the Facify wand can be combined with the high frequency sound wave vibration to thoroughly cleanse the body (shoulder, back, chest, etc.) and remove debris. 
  • Warming Thermal Eye Compress with High Frequency Sound Wave Vibration Therapy provides a relaxing eye treatment for yourself or your clients. The thermal conductive end helps with dry eyes to stimulate tear duct production. It also helps with product penetration while soothing/de-puffing inflammation. Your skin will look brighter, clearer, and more firm than ever. 
  • 5 Round Iron-Head, Pulse Magnetic Therapy attachment provides a cooling massage to help with de-puffing and toning, promoting blood circulation, improving fine lines and wrinkles and promoting lymphatic drainage to reduce inflammation of the face. The iron head rotation relieves tension from the face, jaw tension and headaches. **When using this attatchment, please pull all hair back and off of the face using our headband to prevent injury.**